Will Sandisk microSD SlotMusic Format Be Another Expensive Failure for the Music Industry?

So Sandisk has just announced that it has partnered with a number of music giants like Universal, Sony BMG, EMI, and Warner to launch another physical music format called the Slotmusic which in essence is a microSD memory card with some content on it.

We have had expensive USB memory drives loaded with music and videos and now this; the logic behind the move is that there's an increasing number of devices - notably mobile phones - that have microSD slots which can be used as music players.

The good thing with this approach is the fact that the Slotmusic card will come preloaded with high quality (320kbps) DRM-free music complete with cover-art, videos and other related content and will be available in the US at Best Buy and Walmart to start with (no UK release dates for now).

The problem though is that ironically, it could possibly cost more to manufacture small capacity cards compared to big ones (8GB memory cards cost around £12 as we speak) and that's not all.

You won't be able to play the songs on your computer unless you have an adapter, you run the risk of losing the minuscule card anytime (the dog is more likely to swallow it rather than chew it) and cataloguing or classifying them is next to impossible.

More details about the slotMusic albums will be disclosed just before Christmas; 29 albums will be available when the scheme kicks in with the price of an album rumoured to be anywhere between USD 7 and USD 10.