Adobe Pushes Creative Suite 4 Out

Adobe has announced the launch of its popular design software collection, Creative Suite 4 (CS4) which will be available in as many as six different versions.

Adobe intends to focus more closely on workflow and integration capacities in CS4 and it will also include the Adobe AIR runtime framework used for creating rich internet (RIA) based applications.

In addition, Adobe has significantly increased the number of mobile device profiles in Device Central CS4 which is expected to benefit mobile developers involved in testing web content on mobiles.

Other notable additions in the CS4 collection include addition of a content aware scaling tool in Photoshop CS4, checking of layouts in comparison to user specified parameters along with flash file creation in InDesign CS4.

Adobe focus on integration is likely to benefit many and small things like ability to open a Photoshop PSD file in Dreamweaver will go a long way in increasing the overall usability of Adobe products.