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Blackberry Bold Unboxed And Handled

We received our first shipment of the Blackberry Bold Smartphones yesterday and I must admit right out of the box I was impressed.

In the past i've found Research In Motion devices to be a little bulky (minus the Pearl series), although very efficient, but in the case of the Bold the devices moderate 114.3 x 60 x 12.7 mm was actually very comfortable in my hands.

Given the fact that the device ships with GPS, a MicroSDHC card slot, a built-in 2MP camera, and WiFi and 3G data speeds I actually think the size is more on target with a portable cellular device that's still manageable without squeezing the qwerty keypad keys too close together, especially with their raised edges.

I particularly liked the red lettering for the function capable keys, while I also found that the nice finish accentuated the devices more widely accepted "consumer" appeal.

Overall the Bold is still capable of delivering the best in Blackberry Server functionality, while also offering excellent multimedia functions thanks to the devices 624mhz processor, added memory upgrades via MicroSDHC, ability to playback various file types and the ability to plug in 3.5mm headphone jacks via an adapter.

Here Are A Few Pics Of the Blackberry Bold Unboxing:

Blackberry Bold Picture

Blackberry Bold Unboxed

Blackberry Bold Picture Left Side

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