CodecInstaller 2.10.2

Helps you understand which codec you need and lets you install it in minutes

CodecInstaller is here to help you understand which codec you need and to let you install it in minutes.

It detects the Audio and Video codecs installed on your system, analyzes files to understand which codecs they require and suggests you to install them. An advanced feature of CodecInstaller is the Filter Mappings Editor, a tool that will let you change the priority and the types of media a filter will process.

This will help solving the issues created by filters producers that set a priority too high for their filters or make them decode formats they cannot handle perfectly.

Another feature targeted to power users is the 'remove filter' functionality: you will be able to either unregister a filter (and see a list of other filters that will be affected) or lower its merit value: the effect is that the filter won't be used anymore.

Latest changers

  • Bug fixes
  • Crawler Toolbar updated