Google Releases Bloggers Toolset To Encourage Public Domain Books Integration

In a move aimed at making books in public domain more accessible, Google has come up with a set of tools that allows people to embed entire books into their web page or blog posts.

The initiative is likely to increase the visibility for Google’s Book Search engine and is likely to become a big draw with online retailers.

Already many believe that this move can significantly change the way people access books online and share content.

In a statement the director of Google’s Book Search, Tom Turvey highlighted the benefits for online book retailers and said “It's the retailers that don't want to invest millions of dollars to scan and host the books and so on that are the primary beneficiaries, as well as publishers.”

Though a lot of content that Google Book Search covers comes in the copyrighted domain; it still is able to display significant amounts of information that can go a long way in helping one decide whether or not to purchase a book.

Interestingly this move many not go down well with large retailers like Amazon who already have the capacity to search inside books and will increasingly find small players matching up with them in their ability to search content.