Gordon Brown Wants To Give Free PCs and Broadband To UK's Poorest Families

In an effort to reduce the existing digital divide prevalent in the country, Prime Minister Gordon Brown has launched an ambitious bid to provide computer equipment and broadband services to the poorest of the families in UK.

The initiative will have a funding of GBP 300 million and would aim to provide an one off allowance of GBP 700 to nearly one million poorest households (ed: Maybe it would have been simpler just to buy an ISP like Tiscali and give out two cheap Netbooks to each family).

The move comes in wake of concerns that economically disadvantaged children tend to lose out on access to computers which have today become necessary for nearly every other job.

In addition many children who do have access to computer invariably fail to keep up with the IT revolution that has changed the face of school education and find it increasingly difficult to complete homework and learn lessons in absence of a PC.

The project is expected to be implemented in a phased manner and is likely to roll out across England by 2011.