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Mayor Boris Wants London To Become Wi-Fi Capital

Boris Johnson wants London to become a Wi-Fi city where internet would be available anywhere; the jibe was apparently in response to today's announcement from Prime Minister Gordon Brown who plans to earmark more than GBP 300 million to provide fast internet broadband to all children in UK.

Speaking to BBC Radio, he argued that there is a case for dealing with people who are information technology-poor, and trying to help people get online but that what is needed is a city where anywhere you go, you can log on, you can get on the web.

He added that concerned parties should look at ways that the infrastructure can be improved in this city so that there's Wi-Fi access everywhere.

Apart from the fact that London is already a well connected city, Mayor Johnson's call highlights the fact that politicians are often disconnected from what's happening on the ground.

All major UK mobile phone networks already blanket-cover London with their HSDPA networks and the likes of The Cloud and BT Openzone already provide ample Wi-Fi coverage of the City.

Granted the services are not free, but then, unless municipal Wi-Fi becomes a reality, telecom firms still need to earn a living.