PC World Jumps On Environment Friendly Bandwagon With Advent Eco PC

PC World has just released a computer that consumes only 25w, which far less than the average desktop computer and only a fraction of what a traditional filament 60w bulb consumes.

Intriguingly, the computer can apparently save you GBP 35 per annum (certainly more now that utility prices are going up) and is made up of 75 percent recycle plastic plus it sheds printed manuals, meaning you can only have PDF manuals (ed: now that's a catch 22 as you have to switch the computer on to access them).

The Fanless Eco PC comes with a Core2Duo processor (a T5250 running at 1.5GHz) , 2GB ram, a 160GB hard disk drive (almost certainly a laptop version), Windows Vista Premium OS, a wireless keyboard, integrated WiFi and a rather unwieldy antenna protruding at the back.

PC World claims are based on the fact that you use your computer four hours a day, in Energy saver mode which should cost you 2p a day to run, that compares to 11p for a traditional PC which consumes 105w.

Now, since we don't have one Eco PC in the office, we couldn't test whether its power credential were indeed true.

At £599 though it is hardly a budget PC especially as laptops with more oomph are available on PC World's own website.

This lovely Hewlett Packard DV2 8200 costs only £580 and comes with 60 percent more hard drive space and 50 percent more memory.