Point of sale

It is a retail shop, a checkout counter in a shop, or the location where a transaction occurs.

More specifically, the point of sale often refers to the hardware and software used for checkouts – the equivalent of an electronic cash register. Point of sale systems are used in supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, stadiums, and casinos, as well as almost any type of retail establishment.

Early electronic cash registers (ECR) were programmed in proprietary software and were very limited in function and communications capability.

In August 1973 IBM announced the IBM 3650 and 3660 Store Systems that were, in essence, a mainframe computer packaged as a store controller that could control 128 IBM 3653/3663 Point of Sale Registers.

This system was the first commercial use of client-server technology, peer to peer communications, Local Area Network (LAN) simultaneous backup, and remote initialization. By mid-1974, it was installed in Pathmark Stores in New Jersey and Dillards Department Stores.

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