Samsung Collaborates With Italian Designer For the Armani 2 Night Effect Smartphone

Samsung has come up with a stylish co-branded mobile handset that comes with the Armani tag and is expected to become a big draw amongst the discerning clientele.

The newly launched 'Armani 2 Night Effect’ sports a glowing blue LED strip running around the handset and comes with an elegant 2.2 inch display.

Interestingly Samsung has gone for a traditional display as opposed to the touchscreen that the earlier Samsung designer phone; Armani P520 had.

The handset also features a 3.2 megapixel camera along with an illuminated keypad, a FM radio and speakers.

In addition it boasts of a micro SD slot, 120 megabytes of on board storage along with HSDPA and Bluetooth connectivity.

Though the handset may not count much on its technical features; its appeal lies in its sleek external styling along with the snob value that an Armani label commands.

The phone is expected to be released sometime this November in Europe and is likely to be reasonably priced as compared to other designer phones.