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Softbank Launches 3G Femtocells In Japan, Brings Superfast Wireless Broadband to Market

SoftBank, a leading telecom operator from Japan, is expected to become the first company in the world to commercially launch 3G femtocells when it starts offering the service from January 2009.

Femtocells are essentially wireless access points that consume relatively low amounts of power and are used to connect mobile devices with a mobile network through a broadband or a DSL connection.

Incidentally SoftBank will use a kit from Ubiquisys and will also utilize a supporting IMS core from NEC to offer this service.

Femtocells have been hitting headlines for quite some time but they are yet to be fully deployed by any operator; the only known roll out was made by US based operator Sprint but its usage was restricted to voice services.

In a statement Chris Gilbert the CEO of Ubiquisys noted that Japanese market has been on the forefront of mobile technology and the commercial deployment of femtocells is a significant movement toward creating mobile broadband networks that have a higher capacity and coverage.