Ofcom Releases Report on Next Generation Ultra Fast broadband

The Office of Communications (Ofcom) has come out with a new consultation paper which explores the thinking behind next generation access (NGA) in an endeavor to increase investment in the development of broadband networks in UK.

Ofcom has sought contributions regarding the framing of the new policy on next generation broadband networks and has included a series of “think pieces” that purport different opinions in this regard.

Contributions have been sought in five main areas which include development of standards for wholesale products along with developing a framework for pricing to promote effective competition.

Ofcom has also noted that there is likely to be a period of uncertainty of demand and reach of NGA networks and it believes that collaboration between public and private sector is needed for successful rollout of NGA networks in near future.

The regulator incidentally has put forward its appreciation of the government initiated Ciao report on NGA which had mentioned a primary role for private sector to in delivering high speed broadband services.