Vodafone to Sell RIM's Blackberry Storm

The much awaited touchscreen variant of BlackBerry which has been christened as the BlackBerry Storm is expected to hit UK shores as early as next month.

The new handset is likely to be available only with Vodaphone in UK and its earlier than expected launch has been linked to the ongoing introduction of other competitive models in this season.

The fact that the new phone will be available on the Vodaphone network hardly comes as a surprise as both these companies have a long and successful history of collaboration in UK.

Already the mobile market is heating up in anticipation to the much vaunted contest between Apple iPhone, Google’s Android based G1, Nokia N96 and the likes.

Initial reports indicate that though the sleek new touchscreen based BlackBerry packs in quite a punch, its pressure based touchscreen user interface is not cutting much ice with people involved in its user testing.