£13.99 Kingston Micro SDHC 8GB Lifetime warranty

This has to be UK's cheapest 8GB microSDHC card - which carried a lifetime warranty - and will be the perfect complement to your mobile phone

With Kingston's micro SDHC Class 4 card, your mobile content is no longer tied to your phone.

Share your content collections with friends, family and colleagues easily with this removable storage solution designed for mobile phones with expansion slots.

The card can be used as full-size SDHC or miniSDHC card with the appropriate supplied adapter and is compatible with microSDHC-enabled devices/readers only.

It comes in at 11mm x 15mm x 1mm, weighing only 1.4g.

Since it is a Class 4 device, it can achieve transfer rates of 4MB/sec.

The card is available at Mymemory.co.uk for only £13.99 delivered and including VAT.