Company Internet Explorer snooping made easy

Interesting to see Bill Detwiler over at TechRepublic making a video on how to easily investigate reports of inappropriate usage of the Web within companies.

In his video, Bill shows how a freeware package called IEHistoryView can be used to quickly and easily compile a report on what Web sites an employee has visited - and a whole lot more info besides - by running the application on the punter's PC.

Or simply attaching to the user's PC across a network.

The video makes for fascinating watching and can teach you a lot about Internet Explorer (and other browsers) log your behaviour in several ways.

It also made me thing how easy would be to load a trojan that installed IEHIstoryView remotely on users' PCs and then centrally download users' logs for remote analysis.

And interesting security problem eh? Blackmail and all sorts of other nasties spring to mind.

Anyway, check out Bill's informative video here...