Intel and Oracle Join Forces To Make Cloud Computing Mainstream

In a move aimed at giving a major boost to cloud computing, Oracle has announced its plans of collaborating with Intel for developing a cloud computing software stack that would essentially allow companies to develop public IT services and then deploy them over the internet.

The two companies in a joint statement mentioned that the collaboration will lead to improvement of security in a shared cloud environment and their goal would be to develop a framework where private data can only be accessed by authorised applications.

Emphasizing their focus on security the joint statement mentioned “As Intel develops new virtualization security features to ensure trusted environments for cloud computing, Intel and Oracle will optimize this technology on Oracle software.”

In addition the development of software stack would make it possible for companies to seamlessly connect their private clouds with those of their partners and other companies.

Both these companies are expected to collaborate on a range of issues that includes web standards, improving database performance in corporate clouds and open virtual format.