Newest Firefox 3.0.2 Security Release Irons Out 11 Security Vulnerabilities

Mozilla has released a new security update for Firefox which apparently patches 11 security flaws with many of them being labelled as critical.

The newly released update, Firefox 3.0.2 includes patches for six critical bugs which include stability bugs related to JavaScript engine and graphics rendering in the browser.

The new update has solved issues related to crashes that were experienced by some users while using screen readers along with fixing issues of missing buttons that some user experienced with customised toolbar.

Amongst other notable additions; the new version includes beta releases for a number of languages including Bengali, Icelandic and Thai, official releases for Slovene and Sinhala and also adds extended validation roots to Firefox.

In addition Mozilla has also updated the older version of Firefox and the new update aims to address key issues related to ageing Firefox 2.0.

Mozilla is encouraging all its users to upgrade to the latest version and it has already mentioned that it will end support to Firefox 2.0 by December this year.