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Sony Ericsson To Have Android Smartphones Soon?

Of the top Phone Manufacturers not part of the Open Handset Alliance, Sony Ericsson is the most likely to launch an Android smartphone and it looks more likely than ever that they are going to do so sometimes in the future.

According to a Reuters news article, Sony Ericsson's President Dick Komiyama says that the company is "studying Google's Android mobile operating system, but was not able to embrace it yet".

Although they are not in a position to implement one right now, they are not discarding this possibility, and Komiyama seemed to be clearly interested in Google's newest toy; his CTO, Mats Lindoff, even said that SE was testing Android on some of its mobile phones.

The fact that Google is an open platform and was designed to run, from the start on a wide variety of hardware, means that it should be a doddle for its engineers to get Android phones out of the door within months which opens the prospect of Walkman and Cybershot Android-powered phones.

Sony Ericsson though is already part of the Symbian Foundation and co-owns part of a company called UIQ which is closely related to the Symbian platform.

The Japanese company declined Google's invitation to join the Open Handset Alliance back in November 2007.

But the fact that it is preparing to launch its first Windows Mobile smartphone, the Xperia X1 means that the mobile phone company is probably keeping an open mind about adding a third platform.