£99 Philips 190CW8FW 19" Wide Format TFT Screen

With the first-ever SmartAccessory to personalize your workspace and help keep it neat plus SmartImage for the best-ever LCD performance and a large wide screen, the 190CW8 brings you premium display and the ultimate in convenience.

The 190CW8FW from Philips is perfect for those of you in search of great image displays. The 190CW8FW comes with SmartImage technology to guarantee unmatched performances, and USB and VGA connectors so you can hook up external devices.

Plus there will be many who will appreciate the fact that it has a gorgeous white finish complete with smooth iMac-esque curves.

Specwise, it is a fairly decent 19-inch monitor. It has one USB port, a D-Sub connector, 5ms refresh, a 1440 x 900 resolution and consumes only 36w.

Pixmania sells it only for £99 with a two year warranty on top of that, that more than £30 less than aat Microwarehouse.