Comment : Sophos Launches WebAlert to Help Firms know if their Website is Infected

IT security and control firm Sophos announced the availability of a new service, Sophos WebAlert, providing website administrators with notification if their site is hosting malicious code with a video demonstrating how the service works in simple terms using children's toys.

Sophos threat experts on average detect one new infected webpage every five seconds, and have identified over 380,000 new webpages carrying malware since the beginning of September.

Over 90 percent of these webpages belong to legitimate sites that have been compromised through hacking techniques such as SQL Injection and infected websites pose a threat to all internet users - as simply visiting the site can infect unprotected web users.

It is not just small websites that suffer from such attacks. Victims in the past few months have included BusinessWeek, Yahoo! TV, British government websites, UNICEF, MySpace, Sony PlayStation, and the International Tennis Federation.

A spokesperson for Sophos said that "For too long it has been child's play for hackers to infect websites without the owner of the site ever being aware. Many firms have still not coded their websites correctly or taken the preventative measures necessary to stop infections like this occurring."