Open Source Software Now Allowed In UK Schools Thanks To Becta Agreement

In a move that is sure to give a flip to the usage of open source software in UK schools, for the first time an open source company has made it to the list of accredited suppliers of Becta, the agency responsible for administering IT functions in schools.

The accreditation of Sirius, a leading open source player to the Becta framework is expected to throw open the doors for schools to access its varied services like infrastructure consulting, technical support etc.

The decision also comes as a victory for the open source community which have long championed the cause of open source software in schools citing substantial cost benefits as a major advantage.

Expressing his satisfaction at the recent development, Tom Callway, the marketing manager of Sirius mentioned "We are delighted about the opportunities not just for us, but for open source in general."

Tom also noted that the acceptance of Sirius in an indication of UK government’s acknowledgement of open source software as a feasible alternative to proprietary software.