Thieves Strike East London BT Exchange Weeks After Mayfair Burglary

Just a couple of weeks after its Mayfair exchange burgled, BT has suffered yet another break in this month, this time in its Stepney Green exchange in East London.

BT reported that the thieves broke into the exchange at 3.44 am and lifted nine 21CN network cards thereby causing disruption in internet services in Stepney Green as well as in some parts of the Docklands.

Speaking about the impact of raid on its customers, Andrews and Arnold Internet Service Provider (AAISP) that uses BT’s 21CN network to provide internet services said in a blog post, “Our customers on 21CN are off line as are all other ISPs with 21CN links out of Docklands as we understand it.”

In a response to AAISP concerns, BT has stated that it is trying everything to replace the missing hardware equipments to restore the normal conditions as soon as possible.

The issue is being investigated by the Metropolitan Police and when asked about its link with the burglary at Mayfair exchange, the police have stated that it is too early to comment on any such possibility.