£3899 Dell 16-core (4x4) Poweredge R900 Server, 2GB RAM, 36GB SAS

The PowerEdge R900 is powered by the latest quad-core 64-bit Intel Xeon 7300 sequence processors delivering outstanding performance and lower power consumption. Each base offers two processors.

The R900 comes with four quad-core Intel processors running at 1.6GHz with a 1.066GHz FSB. These Intel Xeon E7310 processors have 4MB L2 cache and consume 80w.

The server comes with Dell's 3Yr Prosupport for IT and 4hr Mission Critical. The PowerEdge R900 offers excellent memory scaling with 32 memory slots for up to 128GB Fully Buffered DDR2 SDRAM with ECC. This one comes with 2GB memory.

Dell has thrown in a SuSE Entreprise Linux v10 EM64T - 32 CPU server OS with 1 year subscription.

The PowerEdge R900 supports up to eight hot plug 2.5-inch SAS Hard Drives or up to five hot plug 3.5-inch SAS Hard Drives that allow to store up to 1.5TB of data locally in your server. It comes with a 36GB, SAS, 2.5-inch, 15.000 rpm Hard Drive.

Get this server for £3899 + VAT and delivery from Dell.