BT Starts New Trial Of Phorm Ad Tracker System Tomorrow

BT will start running a new trial of the often decried Phorm scheme also known as BT Webwise with customers being "selected" on an anonymous basis to participate in the trial via a specially setup webpage that will appear as soon as they open their web browser.

BT Total Broadband customers will then be offered two options which can be swapped at any time. BT is pushing Webwise as a "free" service that offers enhance protection against suspected phishing websites and displays relevant adverts to match the interest of the user.

An estimated 10,000 residential customers will be logged and monitored in real time according to news sources but there are no set dates when Webwise will be rolled out to the millions of BT customers.

Last week, the City of London Police ruled out any further investigation into the Phorm technology, which probably provided with the green light for tomorrow's wider test.

Critics say that Phorm could open the flood gates for more individual tracking systems which could try to outsmart each other by gathering even more data on the broadband consumers.

Virgin and Carphonewarehouse, two other major ISPs that have expressed their interest in the technology, have yet to confirm when Phorm will be rolled out on their networks.

Others have also pointed out that in the case of multiple users on a broadband line, one single user could subscribe to Phorm without others knowing.

Also, expect a raft of targeted phishing to occur in the forthcoming months as smarter criminals try literally to cash in on Phorm.

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