Business Continuity Plans - A moving target!

Most people would agree when you make the statement that the world doesn’t stand still. In particular, more than ever the world we do business in today is in a constant state of flux, with reorganisations, mergers, new initiatives, etc happening all the time.

So if the world doesn’t stand still, why shouldn’t the same apply to your business continuity plans.

Go on, be honest, when was the last time your plans and strategies were reviewed and updated? Within the last month? The last quarter? Six months? A year? Or even longer?

If you want them to remain effective and current, you need to audit and ‘health check’ your plans on a regular basis. You also need to test and exercise them regularly too, to ensure they work as well now as when they were first implemented.

The world doesn’t stand still. So don’t let your business continuity plans get left behind.

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