EU Calls for Universal Broadband Plans To be Implemented By 2010

European Union (EU) Information Commissioner Viviane Reding has announced a review of essential telecom services and called for broadband access for all its citizens till 2010.

As of now, 36 percent households of EU member nations enjoy fast internet access, and with a majority of Europeans using telecom services, EU rules out that its every citizen must have internet accessibility by 2010.

Although most of the EU countries, like Denmark and Belgium, have the network capability to connect almost all its citizens, some countries, like Romania, are still lagging far behind in internet availability.

Emphasising the significance of internet services for future growth, Reding said, “High-speed internet is the passport to the information Society and an essential condition for economic growth.”

EU is developing at a faster pace to ensure internet connectivity for all its citizens with 52,000 internet lines installed everyday in Europe in 2007, EU added.

Furthermore, the information commissioner also called for the development of satellite broadband projects for areas where installing lines could pose difficulties.