Government To Launch Internet Child Safety And Protection Scheme; but will it help?

The UK government is pushing plans for a voluntary code backed by more than 100 major technology companies and websites in a bid to make the internet safer for its younger users.

The UK council for Child Internet Safety will be at the forefront of this programme and will be launched today by Schools Secretary Ed Balls and Home Secretary Jacqui Smith.

The council will report directly to the Prime Minister and its responsibilities will include tracking the web for offensive content that might be accessed by younger minds.

Plans for a voluntary code of conduct have also been laid out with websites urged to remove adult and violent content that fall in a certain category.

The council will also focus its attention on a particular strand of websites that delve in online bullying or tend to encourage harmful behaviour like suicide or anorexia.

UKCiss will also encourage the introduction of scheme which makes it easier for content control applications to be deployed across computers to prevent young children to access, deliberately or not, adult websites.

Still, like tackling growing issues like child obesity, the government's influence stops at the doorstep of UK households, ultimately, it is the parents who have to monitor what their children are up to while surfing the internet.