People and processes for the front and back office functions

There is a clear distinction between the types of work and hence the types of people and processing required from these two areas.

The front office customer Relationship Management (CRM) people are generalists capable of handling a wide range of work to a set depth.

This environment needs to be very flexible to handle the variety of customer request and products involved.

The fluid and timely nature of the interaction with a customer over voice and chat links requires speed and flexibility, thus a highly structured process becomes ineffective.

In the back office, the specialist operative will have a level of knowledge, which is deeper but typically less wide.

The processes are of a fulfilment nature with a longer duration and much higher complexity. The inputs to this environment are more defined and regimented but with a greater range of sources. Thus, they are suited to a more rigid, structured process with a high degree of integration and control.

Between the front and back office environments there needs to be a clear core of customer information and seamless interaction to form the single customer-facing environment.

Customer service agents (CSA’s) in both the front and back office need to have the complete and up-to-date record of customer history on hand.

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