"Three Strike" Broadband Proposal On P2P Users Thrown Out After EU Decision

The European Parliament has voted against the move to impose a “three strikes” rule on unauthorised file sharers by European Union (EU) member states that would have allowed ISPs to disconnect their internet connections.

With piracy of copyrighted material proliferating on the Internet, many companies and representatives of music industry had earlier encouraged governments in EU member states to enact laws that will allow ISPs to disconnect unauthorised file sharers.

The music industry has been amongst the key drivers for imposing restrictions and penalties on unauthorised file sharers and has reportedly cited losses running into millions of dollars to argue its case.

However the European Parliament has decided against this wisdom by pointing out that such a move may conflict with established norms of civil liberties and human rights.

Expressing the dominant view in the European Parliament, MEP Guy Bono urged governments to avoid playing with individual freedoms and even called upon the French government to revoke its existing three strikes law.