UK Children Face Major Online Risk On the Net

According to a recent report, children in UK are relatively more at risk from online threats as compared to their peers in other countries of Europe.

The study conducted by the London School of Economics highlighted the fact that one in every four young people in UK were exposed to unwanted sexual compared as compared to just one in ten in countries like Germany and Ireland.

The report also noted that across the continent as many as four in every ten children were exposed to pornography and one in three encountered violent content on the web.

Expressing the reasons behind the situation, the report mentions "Although more and more children and young people may be under greater supervision overall, by virtue of being in homes, within the privacy of their bedrooms their access to the online world is less easy to supervise."

With parents increasingly keeping their children indoors owing to the perceived threats that may encounter outside; kids are turning towards the internet and are spending an inordinate amount of time hooked on to their computers.