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£17 Second Hand Camera Sold On Ebay Contained MI6 Top Secret Files; 4 usernames identified

A second hand camera bought on eBay by a member of the public was found to contain top secret documents stored in the camera's memory card.

The Nikon Coolpix camera was purchased off the auction site for only £17 and contained names, scores of photos, fingerprints and academic records of well known terrorists, alongside with what appeared to be a map showing the links between Iran and active al-Qaeda cells currently in Operation in Iraq.

According to the Sun newspaper, the 28-year old buyer from Hemel Hempstead, who has been barred from talking to the media, only discovered the files when he tried to download his holiday pictures to his computer.

He voluntarily approached his local police station only to be told that it was a joke but a few days later, special branch officers visited him and took the camera away, which sources say, has been sold on Ebay by an MI6 agent.

The news could possibly mean that UK spies have been briefed on how to store secret documents in tiny memory cards that can contain up to 16GB or several hours of high quality footage (ed: shouldn't they encrypt the data though?).

It was only yesterday that we heard about the dangers of having items disposed on Ebay without proper monitoring (see Ebay Dangers : VPN Hardware Lands Kirklees Council In Big Trouble) and that the officer who left top secret documents on a train at Waterloo station could be charged soon.

You can view the list of £17 Nikon Coolpix digital cameras sold on Ebay UK during the last two weeks by clicking on this link.