BT Terminates Contract With The Cloud, loses 7,000 Wi-Fi hotspots

BT’s Openzone users won’t be able to access the Wi-Fi network provided by The Cloud from 9AM from October 2nd this year.

The five-year term between BT Openzone and The Cloud on Wi-Fi roaming is ending on this Thursday, as the two companies have failed to resolve some undeclared issues related to commercial terms.

BT notified its Openzone subscribers, about the ending of the deal through an email that asserted that the company already have several Wi-Fi spots in UK and the termination wouldn’t affect its users much.

BT assured its customers that with 3,000 Wi-Fi spots in UK they wouldn’t be deprived of the services while on the move.

In a statement about the termination of the contract, The Cloud said, “It’s disappointing for BT Openzone customers that they will no longer be able to benefit from the convenience of our hotspots.”

In addition, The Cloud is trying to lure the Openzone customers by offering free Wi-Fi services for 30 days, if they opt for its subscription.

The Cloud already offers its services to some of the prominent network providers including O2, AT&T, Orange, iPass, etc.