Can business trust Nokia after Dropping the E-Series Features?

Hard news for businesses using Nokia’s Intellisync and security products! Nokia have pretty much bailed out of the enterprise space, deciding to concentrate its efforts on Ovi.

The signs were there, sort of, with the ditching of BlackBerry Connect from the E series and the recent support for Microsoft ActiveSync.

Yet with a cavalier disrespect for their existing customers, why should any large business decide to buy Nokia.

The E series range of handsets is, sorry was, part of an integrated portfolio of products directly competing with the likes of BlackBerry and Microsoft.

So can businesses now trust that Nokia will keep innovating their E series handsets? Quite frankly they can’t.

With Intellisync dropped from the portfolio, Symbian device management is now left to companies such as mine.

Yet in fact what may happen is that business buyers will look again at Microsoft/HTC and BlackBerry as the handset supplier of choice (Apple as lovely as it is has limited support for security conscious businesses and associated applications).

Just as well we support those as well. So though this is a great opportunity for most MDM companies, this perverse short sighted decision could badly damage Nokia’s reputation in business, and mobile distribution alike. Ouch.