Nokia Tube Touchscreen Smartphone To Be Unveiled On Thursday

In its attempt to take on Apple’s iPhone, Nokia has come up with its first touchscreen handset, tagged ‘Tube’, which is expected to be unveiled at a media event in London this Thursday.

The device, also named as Nokia 5800, runs on a Symbian S60 OS and comes loaded with a GPS application, Java and DVB-H mobile TV support, Wi-Fi connectivity along with several advanced features to pose a stiff challenge to its rival iPhone.

Mentioning the significance of the launch, an analyst from Gartner, Carolina Milanesi said, “The phone is extremely important, as we have been waiting for the market leader to respond to Apple’s iPhone.”

In addition, the Finnish giant has signed up for the “Comes With Music” series, which will let its users to download and store a number of songs from the company’s music store at a flat annual charge.

The price tag of the device is yet to be announced, however, it is said to be anywhere in between GBP200 to GBP300 range (ed: Expect it to come free with expensive contracts).