T-Mobile's G1 Android Out Of Stock, Only 200,000 to be Sold in 2008?

The USD180 G1 Android smartphone is no longer available for sale according to various news outlets with a message saying that T-Mobile G1 upgrades are temporarily unavailable and asking people to try pre-ordering again at a later stage.

Cnet and Android Guys reported that customers ran into difficulties trying to sign in to get their Android phones but the latest feedbacks we're getting from forums and blogs seem to confirm that registration is once more opened (ed: although this might be a recurring issue).

It is understood that up to 60,000 G1 handsets have been sold since the G1's debut, which is far less than the iPhone, but still a good showing given that it is a whole new platform.

Expect the spin machine and T-Mobile's marketing team to come in full force on October 22nd when the handset is due to get the red carpet treatment.

On the other hand, it is quite surprising that the other major partners of the Open Handset Alliance have not started revving their engines; T-Mobile and HTC can't be left to grab the Android market on its own.

In other news, Techradar reports that only 200,000 Android phones are expected to be sold by the end of 2008, half the previous estimates and certainly in contradiction with what other news outlets are reporting.