Webroot identifies presidential campaign malware

It was inevitable, really, but Webroot, a US-based IT security vendor, says it has spotted the widespread deployment of malware hidden inside campaign videos for presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama.

The problem stems, the firm says, because of the use of widespread usage of the Gnutella file-sharing network to disseminate hi-res campaign videos by the two candidates.

According to Webroot, a quick search of the FrostWire network - which uses the Gnutella network format, apparently - indicated that of the 34 search results for "Obama Speech" 14 contained active malware while five of the 19 results for "McCain Speech" were found to be harbouring malware.

Paul Piccard, director of threat research with Webroot, said that peer-to-peer networks pose some of the greatest security risks on Internet.

"Because P2P networks lack the security measures found in enterprise networks or trusted Web sites, users of these networks may put themselves or their companies at increased risk by downloading malicious content or leaking confidential data," he explained.

I suspect, that as the November presidential votefest approaches, the number of candidate-driven malware infections is going to increase.

That's only an educated guess, of course...