BT Magic Plate Could More Than Double Average Broadband Speed For Free

BT is pushing forward plans to get thousands of UK households to install a filter that has been develop by BT Wholesale in a bid to improve UK's average Broadband speeds.

The patent pending device called the i-Plate could potentially become the most useful internet related device since the wireless router and in practice filters out electrical interference that could be caused by microwaves, television or lighting.

BT says that, based on a survey of 36,000 lines, the average broadband user should see increases of around 1.5mbps with some lucky ones seeing boosts of up to 4mbps, which compares well with UK's average broadband speed of 3mbps.

The i-Plate, which is fitted between the front and the back of the BT NTE 5 master telephone socket - also promises to improve broadband stability, preventing the cursed line drops which have plagued some internet connections for so long.

It could also allow households which are traditionally outside the ADSL range to get connected, even at low speeds.

Up to nine million UK households - that's seven out of ten homes - could potentially benefit from this cheap upgrade and there are chances that this nifty little device could be delivered free by ISPs using BT's network backbone.

The i-Plate is on sale at Tamar Telecommunications for only £9.99 + P&P.