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Germany seeks to outlaw Google Street View

Google's Street View option is viewed by many people as a bit of an invasion of privacy and, after seeing the company's scanning vehicles in operation in London (on TV) a few weeks back I can understand why.

Whilst the Brits have taken a laid-back approach to the privacy issue, those stout people over in Germany have got very worked up about the service, which they claim breaks a few privacy law.

According to some newswire reports, Google has around 79.8 per cent of the German search market, but most Germans don't want the Street View option.

It's taken the town leaders in Molfsee, however, to start a legal challenge against Google, with Reinhold Harwart, the leader of the Christian Democratic Union on the town council, announcing that, if it comes down to it, he's planning a legal battle over the issue.

According to a report in Der Spiegel, Harwart says he and his colleagues on the council are not prepared to allow the Street View cameras take snaps of the town's streets.

"You can see everything in those photos! This is an open house to criminals,"
he told the paper.

Interestingly, Harwart reckons that Google will need a special permit to film the streets and, when the Google peeps apply for the permit, the council will say no.

This could get interesting...