How card fraudsters operate revealed

There's a fascinating feature over on the CNet site by Bob Vamosi about how card fraudsters - known as carders in the fraud industry operate.

It seems that the Affinion Group - an ID protection firm in the US - has been doing some digging and realised why debit cards are now so popular amongst fraudsters.

The reason, it seems, is that most Americans keep some money in their savings accounts and, when you insert an ATM card into US cash machine, it allows you access to both a checking and a savings

Affinion is also unusual in maintaining honeypot bank accounts - accounts it uses to give to fraudsters and then watch how they operate.

The modus operandi is usually the same - a test purchase, usually to an online charity, is made to test the water. Once proven, the card is ripped until it is closed down.

Of course, that isn't the only use for a cloned card as the carder can also use the cloned card to open other accounts, mainly credit cards and run up bills in the legit users' name.

As I said, all fascinating stuff - check out more on this topic over on the CNet portal here...