IBM Releases Lotus Notes/Domino Application For Corporate iPhone

The iPhone has just got more corporate-friendly, as IBM has released an application to lend iPhone users support for its Domino Software and Lotus Notes.

The application, named “iNotes Ultralite”, is available as a free download from IBM, and it enables iPhone users to access corporate emails, contacts and calendars; however, Lotus Notes service is already available in the device and can be accessed through Safari mobile web browser.

The application will be integrated with the Domino 8.0.2 software and it is said to use 20 percent less memory than its previous versions; in addition, the company claims that the new addition will significantly improve the performance with the Lotus Notes application.

Apple is pouring huge efforts for ensuring the usefulness of iPhone for corporate environments and it has incorporated several necessary features, like Microsoft Exchange email server into the device.

The move further paves way for the iPhone to create strong influence in corporate segment, which is currently being dominated by Research in Motion’s (RIM) Blackberry range.