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Survey reveals Green IT challenges for UK businesses

The majority of IT managers are feeling pressure to reduce their carbon footprints, according to a survey commissioned by VAR Zycko.

61% feel pressure to cut down on their energy usage and 60% plan to reduce their carbon footprint within the next 18 months. Encouragingly, most (70%) already have some green measures in place such as remote working and video conferencing facilities to reduce the need for employees to travel.

The independent OmniBoss research, conducted by Vanson Bourne, provides a detailed overview of the green IT issues currently faced by medium to large UK businesses.

The research also identified major hurdles on the way to reducing carbon emissions. Almost two thirds (67%) of IT managers are unaware of how much power their data centre draws and less than half (45%) currently enforce shutting down of computers at night and on weekends. Six per cent have no policies in place at all.

Lack of IT resources and cost were cited as the biggest barriers to becoming green (52%), with 23% claiming they simply do not know what their options are. When asked where they get their information on environmental issues, 39% claimed they rely on their suppliers.

There are a number of available solutions that suppliers can offer to clients on tight budgets and often these lie not in building more data centres, or even in expanding current sites, but rather in utilising existing storage space more efficiently.

These enable servers to be powered on and off, heat and cooling to be monitored, and power delivery to be examined and adjusted.