Virgin Media Joins Mobile Broadband Gang With £15 Offer; 5-play to follow soon?

Virgin Media aims to take a slice of the growing mobile broadband market with a deal that should appeal to its existing customers - four million of them - and, hopefully, bring in new customers as well.

The cable company, which is a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator), is offering an 18-month contract with a 3GB monthly bandwidth limit for only £15 per month, a price that also includes a free dongle but ties you in an 18-month contract.

Virgin Media will use T-Mobile's network and users should expect fairly reasonable speeds and connectivity - Virgin expects speeds to go up to 3.6mbps although according to PC Pro, users should see speeds closer to 2.1mbps in London at least.

The price though falls short of being impressive. Three Network offers 5GB for the same price which you can get for half price if you are an existing Three customer.

Prospective customers should be careful though not to go beyond that limit or you could face the prospects of paying £15 for every GB above the monthly limit.

Existing XL broadband subscribers - the same ones who should receive Virgin media first 50mbps lines soon - will be get their first three months free.

Expect Virgin Media to start offering the first five-play package of the market combining TV, Phone, fixed broadband, mobile broadband and Mobile phones fairly soon. Find out more about the offer here.