Windows Server 2008, Infrastructure Design, Configuration and Deployment

You thought you had mastered the current Windows technologies and then along comes Windows Server 2008 with an exciting bundle of new features and ways to streamline your organization’s IT infrastructure.

Included with Windows Server 2008 are many components that can enhance your security, rationalize your operations and maximize system availability. The caveat is that once again you are faced with a steep learning curve.

In this seminar, we will rapidly get you up to speed on the key components of Windows Server 2008. We will also use our extensive field experience to highlight potential problems, issues and weaknesses in current systems. We will then show you how Windows Server 2008 technologies will provide solutions and enhances for your existing and future deployments.

The seminar provides deep technical insights. You will not only be able to talk-the-talk but will learn how to start designing, configuring and deploying Windows Server 2008. The seminar is packed with valuable tips, tricks and insights.

Throughout the seminar, demonstrations will illustrate and augment the topics.

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