Datawind PocketSurfer 2R Mini Laptop Gives Unlimited Wireless Broadband Access for £60 for Life

Datawind has come up with a new version of its mobile internet device range in form of the PocketSurfer 2R and is promising an unlimited web access for just GBP 60.

The new 2R version comes loaded with an embedded GPS receiver, a backlit QWERTY keyboard along with a touchpad.

It also has support for flash files and the company claims that it loads most pages within seven seconds; however it is not exactly made for watching heavy audio or video applications.

The PocketSurfer 2R will sport a price tag of GBP 199 which incidentally includes a 20 hours per month free web access for one year

For enjoying an unlimited access, one would have to shell out another GBP 60, however the company believes that its no strings attached web access will surely go down well with its users.

Expressing his enthusiasm, David Elder, the head of Datawind UK mentioned “You do not have to sign a contract, and there is no fair use policy, and no asterisks. When we say unlimited, we mean it.”