Comment : Email Fraudsters Target Worried Halifax And Bradford & Bingley Customers

A leading UK based anti-spam company has found that the number of Halifax and Bradford & Bingley related spam and phishing emails increased by 246% over the weekend as ruthless email fraudsters targeted vulnerable and worried Halifax bank account holders, shortly after news that the credit crunch will trigger surge in Online Banking Fraud.

UK based anti-spam company, ClearMyMail has revealed that last weekend it saw a 246% increase in Halifax, Bradford & Bingley and Lloyds TSB related spam and phishing emails.

The company was able to prevent all of the fraudulent emails reaching their customers inbox's as ruthless fraudsters tried to target worried bank account holders.

ClearMyMail is warning everyday email users to automatically delete messages that contain the Subject Title: "Important Message from Halifax Bank" and the same for Lloyds TSB and Bradford & Bingley as these are the most popular titles being used by criminals trying to gain security passwords and information.

Many of the emails are being sent by innocent computer owners who do not realise that their computers have been infected by viruses when they opened spam emails without realising.

The large majority of these fraudulent emails are being tracked to senders based in USA and Canada but scammers are using increasingly sophisticated technology to cover their tracks.

Speaking about the weekend increase in banking related spam the Managing Director of ClearMyMail, Dan Field said,

"This is a particularly cruel batch of phishing emails that are looking to target worried and vulnerable UK banking customers and demonstrates that unprotected inboxes are particularly exposed at this time".

He continued, "It is not just our UK customers who are being targeted, as our American clients also had an increase in Lehman Brothers fraudulent emails over the past week, but not at the same scale as here in the UK".