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More pro con tips - this time on ATM fraud

Interesting to see a news item penned by Steve Lawson over on the IDG Newswire, quoting a bank hacker going by the name of Chao, who was nicked last month on Turkey.

Seems like Chao has been singing like a canary about how he works his ATM frauds, and, in the process, revealing a lot about his modus operandi in the process.

Chao appears to be an expert in ATM skimming, the process of skimming data from punters' cards at cash machines, for use in the card cloning process.

Chao recommends that fraudsters should not install a skimmer in the morning, because people are more savvy then and should avoid areas where more than 250 people walk by each day, owing to the risk of detection.

He also suggests that fraudsters should not install ATM skimmers in towns of less 15,000 people, as punters get to know what their cash machines look like, and not to set up in areas where immigrants live - presumably because they are more vigilant against skimming.

Conversely, areas with lots of tourist footfalls are good for skimming, says Chao, as well as affluent neighbourhoods and areas with drive-through ATMs.

Oh, and the best tip of all? Skim an ATM near a bar that only takes cash, presumably on the basis that ATM users will be a bit squiffy, or in a hurry to get squiffy, and thus not notice the cash machine has been rigged...