Rumour Mill : Virgin Media To Launch £50 50mbps Premium Broadband Package With Free laptop

Virgin Media is to partner with Carphone Warehouse in a bid to push a brand new offer to new and existing customers which consists of a Triple Play package (phone, broadband, TV) with a free laptop for £49.99 per month.

Mobile Today reports that Virgin Media will be given Carphone Warehouse's Premium spots and will be including an XXL broadband line in the package. Now unless that is a typo, it could be the first hint of Virgin Media's new superfast 50mbps service which was announced back in February 2008 (PDF document here).

The document confirmed that Virgin would be launching a XXL broadband service by the end of the year, in addition to its existing 20mbps, 10mbps and 4mbps speed packages.

This will give Virgin Media the lead in the speed race with other suppliers, like Be There, still stuck at 24mbps. BT would be under pressure to roll out its 24mbps ADSL2+ upgrade and so would be Sky Broadband.

The package will also include XL phone, XL TV channels and a free laptop (ed: possibly either a Netbook or an entry level traditional laptop) plus it would also require existing modems to be updated.

The XXL package is not currently on either Virgin's broadband web page or Carphone Warehouse.