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UK Knowledge Workers : Much Room for Improvement

UK knowledge workers come top against France and Germany in meeting effectiveness and worst in information management

A recent global productivity survey of 2,000 knowledge workers identified key areas where information overload impacts performance and has calculated that individuals can increase productivity by at least 3-5 hours per week, depending on their organisational role and the time they spend on business activities.

The survey looked at how individuals cope with four main business activities; managing information, conducting meetings, managing projects, communicating and collaborating with colleagues and clients.

The data and conclusions in the global study, together with a European Value of an Hour pilot programme, measured the results and the time savings that can be gained from using mind mapping software.

Particularly interesting is that the European results show that the knowledge worker in the UK is slightly more efficient than the rest of Europe in managing meeting effectiveness, spending 7.83 hours per week as opposed to 9.55 hours in Germany.

However, the UK comes last in information management, spending 7.08 hours per week with Germany performing best by spending only 5.91 hours.

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