Active Directory Disaster Prevention and Recovery

Today Microsoft Active Directory underpins many IT infrastructures. The ongoing success of the business is dependent on the availability and reliability of the of the underlying IT systems.

An Active Directory implementation consists of a number of critical components: the Active Directory database, domain controllers, global catalogs, FSMO roles, replication, SYSVOL, system services and DNS.

The success of any deployment depends on reliable design and deployment combined with procedures to rapidly and successfully recover from any type of infrastructure component failure.

This two-day seminar will explain the role and dependencies of each component, examine potential failure points and show you how to minimize their impact through best practice design combined with well honed recovery techniques.

You will learn best practices for server and role placement and how to take a proactive approach to backup and disaster recovery.

You will see how to take a systematic approach to minimizing the impact of a series of incidents with scenarios that range from the loss of a single domain controller through to a catastrophic forest failure.

Throughout the seminar demonstrations will illustrate and augment the topics. Find more about it by going here and get a 20% discount with this promotional code ITP001.