£6.99 PC Keyboard + Integrated Skype Phone

Bring the future of telephony to your desk with the stylish USB keyboard with integrated Skype phone.

There are now a whole range of VoIP services such as MSN Messenger, Skype and Yahoo Messenger that let you chat to friends and contacts for FREE, through your broadband connection.

The Skype keyboard brings this whole new world of free communication to your desk.

The clutter-free all-in-one solution combines an ergonomic keyboard and VoIP handset complete with ringer so you never miss a call.

15 easy shortcut keys for instant access to your email as well as your favourite web browser and mutimedia controls and is part of the keyboard providing a space saving solution.

Multimedia and shortcut buttons make internet browsing a doddle and built in audio jacks are included for when you want to talk hands free.

Note that it does not support Vista and doesn't has a speakerphone option.

Buy it for only £6.99 at Maplin.